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Oral histories of LGBT people in Mongolia

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Sponsored by the LGBT Centre (Mongolia)’s Youth Leadership Program, Batchimeg S. and Joe Lerangis began the “LGBT Oral History of Mongolia” project in February of 2015.

mongoliaMongolia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, and other sexual and gender minority-identifying people are an integral and substantial part of Mongolian society. Their voices, their perspectives, and their stories cannot go unheard.

What is an “Oral History”?

The “oral histories” that we have collected are portraits of specific people and their experiences, shared through interviews. What we are presenting to you are these stories, transcribed and edited for clarity but left as close as possible to capture the original voice of the interviewee. Additionally, the stories have been edited to maintain anonymity of the participants.

What are this project’s main goals?

  • Develop a broader understanding of the history of Modern Mongolia, specifically the transition from a socialist to a democratic society, through the stories of people of marginalized sexualities and gender identities.
  • Provide perspectives to readers who may be struggling with their own sexuality or gender identity, as well as allow the interviewees to take a closer look at their own stories and express themselves in a way they may not have been able to.
  • Connect the LGBT community of Mongolia.
  • Construct a bridge for understanding of sexuality and gender minorities within Mongolian society,  and the realities that people are facing each day.
  • Expand the resources available to LGBT people in Mongolia and the space for expression among the community through the internet.

Thank you for taking interest in our project and stay tuned for our posts.

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