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Child rights body NCPCR asks states not to work with UNICEF — ‘involved in activities out of its purview’ – The Print Rahul Gandhi disqualification:

By Kalpana Wilson This contribution was first presented at the 2 December 2022 workshop on Transnational “Anti-Gender” Politics and Resistance, part of the AHRC-LSE project on Transnational

India’s New Laws Hurt Women Most of All – Foreign Policy We Are Seeing, for the First Time, a Sustained Countrywide Movement Led by Women

“The violence unleashed against Muslims in Delhi by armed Hindu mobs during President Donald Trump’s visit to India is a portent and a lesson. […] More than an echo of the past, the recent violence in Delhi is a lesson”. Read SPW’s compilation.

The Observatory on the Universality of Rights (OURs) has launched its first report, Rights at Risk. The report maps a complex global anti-rights lobby targeting

The Secretariat has the honour to transmit to the Human Rights Council the report of the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Karima

Originally posted by ЛГБТ Аман түүх at lgbtamantuukh on 04/07/2016. Available at:  Sponsored by the LGBT Centre (Mongolia)’s Youth Leadership Program, Batchimeg S. and

(I had spent a week in Gujarat in February-March,2007 and published two reports in TEHELKA. Reproducing the first part to remind myself that it was

By Rashika Rakibullah Staff Writer Early last week, Indian authorities began preparations for the country’s 2014 general elections, a nine-phase, month-long event that will break

The four figures of the law:  Brief theoretical inquiries into the Queer movement’s relationship with law Vqueeram Aditya Sahay* This piece is about what the

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