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By Sonia Corrêa I took many meanders before writing this brief note about the enchantment – as the Brazilian writer Guimarães Rosa described death –

By Sonia Corrêa Uýra Sodoma is a non-binary Amazonian performance artist. She is intersectional in every sense. In one of her multiple layers, Uýra is

The Tate Britain Museum of Art is featuring a retrospective of the Portuguese artist Paula Rego, whose paintings and ideas SPW periodically revisit to illustrate

Then I have realized that even before putting those kinds of blinds [of the lock down], we are living under a situation of blinds,  we

The photos in Lucile Boiron’s series Mise en pièce, taken between a cosmetic surgery theatre and her own home, are graphic. The project sees Lucile place shots

A 33-meter open red vulva was dug in the lands of the Usina de Arte, a gallery located in the South Forest of Pernambuco. According

In his artistic practice, Léon Ferrari makes use of different languages, such as sculpture, drawing, writing, collage, assemblage, installation, and video. This heterogeneous set of

Ventura Profana (which can be translated as Profane Fortune) is a singer, writer, composer, performer, and visual artist from Bahia, in the Northeast Region in

Anna Dumitriu is a British artist who works with BioArt, sculpture, installation and digital media to explore our relationship with infectious diseases, synthetic biology and

Despite passed 400 days of JMB’s ruling, Brazil’s carnival has shown the strength of popular festivities in producing laugh and scorn. Viradouro samba school was

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