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Feminist Voices at #SDGSummit2030 on “Speak out against anti-gender and anti-rights narratives and actions to achieve the 2030 Agenda” with Sonia Correa, Co-Coordinator, Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW),

On 11-12/04/2023, the seminar “Mapping and resisting the ghost of ‘gender’ in Latin America: geographies of anti-gender movements” took place in Rio de Janeiro, organised

SPW has launched the e-book “Antigender Policies in Latin America in the Pandemic Context”. ⁠ The e-book presents the results of the second research phase

See our playlist featuring SPW co-chair Sonia Corrêa dedicated to analysing the roots, meanings and effects from the overturning of the constitutional right to abortion

Video prepared as a tribute to the launching of the Brazilian version of the book “Our bodies, ourselves”, presented at the book launch event, a

We hope the series Anti-Gender Politics with English subtitles can be a resource for organizations and collectives to inform about the order of the attack

Au sein du Festival des Libertés, qui a eu lieu à Bruxelles, Belgique, la coordinateur du SPW, Sonia Corrêa, a participé du débat Désordre dans

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