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English Momentous Shift Looms for Poland as Governing Party Looks Set to Be Ousted – NY Times ‘Emotional and proud’: Voters on Poland’s landmark election

Feminist Voices at #SDGSummit2030 on “Speak out against anti-gender and anti-rights narratives and actions to achieve the 2030 Agenda” with Sonia Correa, Co-Coordinator, Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW),

On 11-12/04/2023, the seminar “Mapping and resisting the ghost of ‘gender’ in Latin America: geographies of anti-gender movements” took place in Rio de Janeiro, organised

English Iranian woman dies ‘after being beaten by morality police’ over hijab law – The Guardian  Iran unrest: Women burn headscarves at anti-hijab protests –

As Brazil was stunned by January 8th storming rioters against the buildings of Federal Administration, Congress and Supreme Court, we collected analysis to better understand the roots, circumstances and outcomes of the “infamous Sunday”.

>> Download as PDF << Preface Due to its relevance in Brazil and the rest of the world, we rescheduled the publication of our newsletter

Between 2018 and 2020, SPW conducted a research effort on Anti-gender Politics in LatinAmerica. This e-book offers condensed versions of all studies that encompass the

In 2010, Sonia Corrêa wrote on how the concept of “empowerment” is not reduced to a binary between men and women, where men have all

The Tokyo Olympics’ Indelible Moments of Loss and Solidarity – New Yorker Olympic magic cut through the pandemic gloom, but the Tokyo Games’ legacy is

Is Cuba’s Communist Party Finally Losing Its Hold on the Country? – New Yorker ‘I’m surprised it took so long’: Cubans find anger in their

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