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This text is a chapter authored by Sonia Corrêa, David Paternotte, Claire House and published in Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Gender, Health and Rights. Download

Published at Review of International Studies (RIS). Download it here.

Access here the article of Alyosxa Tudor: The -anti-feminism-of-anti-trans-feminism

By Kalpana Wilson This contribution was first presented at the 2 December 2022 workshop on Transnational “Anti-Gender” Politics and Resistance, part of the AHRC-LSE project on Transnational

This article is one of the chapters of the book “This is War”, written by the Polish feminist journalist Klementyna Suchanova. We dearly thanks her

“I was motivated to write this comment after reading a series of analyses that re-visit the conditions in which a transnational agenda of repudiation of

In this article, we present an analysis of narratives mobilised by extreme right-wing leader Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2010, Sonia Corrêa wrote on how the concept of “empowerment” is not reduced to a binary between men and women, where men have all

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the world as we knew it. The lives of whole societies were put on hold, almost all

Read the new issue of GLQ on “Cuir/Queer Américas: Translation, Decoloniality, and the Incommensurable”

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