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In this section, we’ve put together some of SPW’s research lines, which looked altogether are privileged resources for reconstructing the sexual politics landscape over the last 20 years. Further information on each project can be found in the “About Us” section.

Over the years, the projects gathered here, whether finished or ongoing, have unfolded in various actions and materials: publications, podcasts, videos, etc. They therefore have their own hotsites.

SPW works in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, but not all hotsites are available in all languages. The descriptions below indicate all languages available in each project.

Gender and Politics in Latin America (GPAL) – Launched in 2018, this ongoing project provides a comprehensive and transnational analysis of anti-gender politics in Latin America and its various manifestations. There are three major publications (2018, 2020, 2022). The first one is available in Spanish; the 2020 one is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The last one, an update on the pandemic context, is available in English and Spanish. Both the Spanish and English sites display all the project content, including what’s available in Portuguese.

Diálogos Pendientes y Emergentes – A project in partnership with other organizations working with sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America. Since 2022, it has promoted debates that offer space for reflection and exchange between academia and activism on new and emerging issues that are proving urgent for qualified debate. The project is conducted in Spanish, but a report in Portuguese is available on the website.

Pequeno Dicionário – Pequeno Dicionário de Termos Ambíguos do Debate Político Atual (Little Dictionary of Ambiguous Terms in the Current Political Debate) is a project developed since 2021 in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics at UFRJ and, in its new phase, with the Laboratory for Advanced Studies in Journalism at Unicamp. Result of a reflection on the new vocabulary of the right in Brazil and globally, the Dictionary disseminates scientific knowledge about the ambiguous terms that permeate the current political debate in simple and easy language. On the website, the project’s outcomes are also available, such as podcasts, cartoons, and viral videos. The project is conducted in Portuguese, but a Spanish version is currently on development.

Trends & Tensions in the 21st Century – A project launched in 2015 that mapped how past trends in sexual politics intertwined with contemporary ones, avoiding simplistic and linear interpretations. The collection comprises four publications in English.

Regional Dialogues from the Global South – The Regional Dialogues on Sexuality and (Geo)Politics were a research effort carried out in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, as well as an interregional dialogue. Two e-books emerged from this effort, and the website is available in English.

Reports From the Frontlines – Between 2004 and 2007, SPW examined the dynamics of sexual politics in eight countries – Brazil, Egypt, India, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, and Vietnam – and two global institutions: the United Nations and the World Bank, resulting in a publication available in English and Spanish.

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