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Sexual politics in Brazil: Almost 180 days into the JMB Administration

With great pleasure, SPW offers an assessment of sexuality and gender politics, including abortion rights, in the first (almost) six months of the Jair Messias Bolsonaro (JMB) government. The essays written by Sonia Corrêa, Fábio Grotz, Rajnia de Vito and Marco Aurélio Prado cover the troubled, cacophonic and warlike Brazilian political landscape, as well as developments at play in human rights and health, this latter with a particular focus on HIV and reproductive health. The collection also includes an interview with the feminist economist Lena Lavinas and a brief assessment of Congressional debates related to these matters.

Good reading!

Uproar and Perversity: Gender and Sexuality in the Vortex of Politics

Permanent War, Decreasing Popularity: What Will Come Next?

Human Rights, Gender and Sexuality: A Minister Who Does Not Play Around

Lena Lavinas: “We’re watching a politics of dismantling”

Health policy: From lull to cataclysm

Gender and Abortion Rights in the Congressional Scene


Image: Natchez, 1985, by Jean-Michel Basquiat

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