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>> Read in PDF << Part 2 – Continuing anti-gender offensives Gender politics: good news Inevitably, the political situation described in part 1 of this

>> Read in PDF << Part 1 – Democracies in dispute Introduction As we have pointed out in previous editions, in recent years sexual politics

English Post-election EU elections: earthquake in France and a rightward policy lurch? Our panel responds – The Guardian 5 things to know about the EU

English If Trump Wins – NY Times Why Trump’s Second Victory Would Be Worse – The Nation The Theocratic Blueprint for Trump’s Next Term –

Hate Crimes Against Queer and Trans Students Quadrupled in States With Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws – Them A Terrifying 300 Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Have Already Been Introduced in

This text is a chapter authored by Sonia Corrêa, David Paternotte, Claire House and published in Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Gender, Health and Rights. Download

At highly charged session, Spain’s PM justifies amnesty as only way to stop the far right – El País Spain: The investiture of the amnesty

Run-off The Free-Market Fundamentalism of Argentina’s Javier Milei – New Yorker Why these Argentines voted for Javier Milei – BBC Argentina’s new leader is a

English Momentous Shift Looms for Poland as Governing Party Looks Set to Be Ousted – NY Times ‘Emotional and proud’: Voters on Poland’s landmark election

Tunisia: Rached Ghannouchi sentencing part of ‘aggressive crackdown’ by Kais Saied – Middle East Eye Rached Ghannouchi arrest ‘tragic loss’ for Tunisia and region, academics

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