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On April 11th and 12th, the seminar “Mapping and resisting the gender phantasm in Latin America: geographies of ‘anti-gender’ movements” took place in Rio de

This article is one of the chapters of the book “This is War”, written by the Polish feminist journalist Klementyna Suchanova. We dearly thanks her

SPW: There has been a lot of talk abroad about Giorgia Meloni, the far-right politician who made a meteoric rise in the polls, becoming Italy’s

SPW has launched the English version of our latest research. The e-book “Anti-Gender Politics in Latin America in the Pandemic Context” presents the results of

SPW has launched the e-book “Antigender Policies in Latin America in the Pandemic Context”. ⁠ The e-book presents the results of the second research phase

Between 2018 and 2020, SPW conducted a research effort on Anti-gender Politics in LatinAmerica. This e-book offers condensed versions of all studies that encompass the

In the last Special Issue of last year we did a brief assessment of Vatican politics. Concomitantly, we published an article by the Italian political

By Thais Rodrigues and Edson Sardinha* Brazilian conservative and extreme -right parlimentarians  are planing to take advantage of the new presidency of the House, MP

2013 SPW Newsletter N.13 – July, 2013 – SPW 2014 Vatican Document: Gays Have ‘Gifts and Qualities to Offer’ Church – NBC News Catholic bishops

In his artistic practice, Léon Ferrari makes use of different languages, such as sculpture, drawing, writing, collage, assemblage, installation, and video. This heterogeneous set of

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