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Women artists: Maria Teresa Hincapié

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Maria Teresa was Colombian actress who became a visual art performer. She died of cancer in 2008. Her art directly dialogued  with the impacts of continuous political conflict in Colombia, various  dimensions of  women ‘s life and sacrality.  In the words of Constanza Ramires (in Spanish):

In the  complexity of a sweeping technological era those who are not at vanguard tend to be excluded, ignored y cancelled. This is  precisely the  context that inspired  María Teresa Hincapié to stubbornly insist that simplicity and elementary things are full of meanings…  María Teresa Hincapié: a  pilgrim, a teacher, a researcher, a a performer, has made of her daily life an work of art.  Each of her art gestures is a call to reflection, a long and loving protest that invites us to recover meanings and  sacralize the lives of  contemporary subjects that doo not have a place in the world as it is…. Maria Teresa art  expresses  solidarity with  today’s time and wanted to respond with her loving art interventions to the surrounding chaos, as  road to  reflexiveness, encounter and quest. She viewed her  performances as a call to life…

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To watch the performance: Una cosa es un cosa (A thing is a thing)


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