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Feminist solidarity with Nicaragua.

We, Latin American and Caribbean feminists gathered at the 15th EFLAC, in El Salvador,  reaffirm our solidarity with our Nicaraguan comrades who,  for the last 16 years have resisted the authoritarianism imposed by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

In the course of the last six years, this dictatorship disguised as leftist has established a totalitarian regime, sustained by force of arms, repression, the dismantling of all forms of resistance within the country, censorship and blackmail.

Faced with the silence and ambiguous positions of progressive forces in the region, including governments, political parties and other civil society organizations, we call on all democratic forces in Latin America, Europe and other regions of the world to take strong measures to isolate the dictatorship in Nicaragua. No more money, no more diplomatic games with dictatorships.

We join the voices of Nicaraguan feminists demanding the liberation of political prisoners, the end of repression and of the dictatorship’s full capture of the state.

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