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Who are Jair Bolsonaro’s voters and what they believe

SPW gladly presents the ethnographic research work of Isabela Oliveira Kalil and her team at FESPSP on Bolsonaro and his different types of supporters. These research results are also part of a wider effort to map and analyze anti-gender politics in Latin America under SPW’s supervision. We would like to thank Isabela for her excellent work and for the chance of publishing in SPW’s website.

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1. Introduction
2. Main Results
3. Methodological notes
4. Brazilian presidential elections: an overview
5. The decisive women’s vote
6. “Corruption” and the “citizen of good”: core figures
7. Far-right propaganda and fake news
8. The overlapping of “communism” and “gender ideology”
9. Profiles: Inside Bolsonaro’s kaleidoscope
10. References

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