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Gender in the New Vatican Directory for Catechesis

A widespread orientation of what is presented today under the name of gender, calls into question the revealed fact: «Man and woman He created them». According to such a position, gender identity would no longer be an original given that the person must accept and fill with meaning, but rather a social construction that is decided autonomously, completely unrelated to biological sex. Man denies his nature and decides to create it for himself. However, according to the biblical account of creation, the human being has been created by God as male and female. The Church is well aware of the complexity of personal situations lived, sometimes, in a conflictive way. It does not judge people but invites them always to accompany them, regardless of their situation. It is aware, however,  that, from a faith perspective, sexuality is not only a physical fact but a personal reality, a value entrusted to the responsibility of the person. In this way, sexual identity and existential experience must respond to God’s original call.

Page 222 of the Spanish version, translated by SPW

Image: Labirynths by Léon Ferrari 

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