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Zanele Muholi’s 365 protest photographs

Photograph: © Zanele Muholi. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town/Johannesburg and Yancey Richardson, New York

In SPW Newsletter nº8 (2010), we registred Zanele Muholi’s artwork about queer identities in South Africa. By that time, the Minister of Arts and Culture slashed a piece of art featuring lesbian black couples as “immoral” and “pornographic . Five years later, Muholi’s work is under spot on New York Times’s website.

In 2015, New York Times highlighted her work as she turned the camera on herself. SPW republished it.

And now, two years later, Zanele once more features news media as The Guardian shows her new work aimed to call attention for massacres, homophobia, hate crimes and rape. Click here to read it.

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