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Art and Black Feminism: Rosana Paulino

Rosana Paulino - Efeito colateralAfter the feminist occupations” of 2015, SPW began highlighting the artwork of young Brazilian artists that carry strong imprints of Brazilian contemporary feminisms. One of these artists is Rosana Paulino. Born in São Paulo,  she has a Ph.D. from the  ECA/USP and a master’s in engraving from the London Print Studio. Her work has been exhibited widely in Brazil, as well as in the US, Chile, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The female body, blackness and racism, ancestral memories and marks of slavery are at the core of Rosana’s laborious artwork. In May 2018, when Brazil commemorates 130 years of the abolition of slavery, we revisit Paulino’s work that so strongly reminds us that freedom from slavery, albeit, fundamental is not enough to overcome exclusion and racism.

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Image title: Collateral effect

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