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Art and Feminisms in Brazil – Karina Buhr

Karina Buhr3
 In the trails of the “feminist occupations’ of 2015 SPW expands further the space for young Brazilian feminists artists whose works reflect the spirit of contemporary feminisms. One of them is Karina Buhr, who is a singer, a designer and a poet. Karina is our partner since 2012, when we collaborate with the first edition of the feminist zine Sexo Ágil. In March 2015, Karina went to Brasilia with the feminist initiative Two Generations in Fighting for abortion in Brazil and wrote about what happened there in a Brazil Post blog. Last July, Karina launched in Brazilian literary fair FLIP  her first prosepoetry book. Two months ago, Karina has generously ceded one of her s drawings to illustrate the announcement of the relaunching  of our website in Portuguese.
Thanks Karina!

cabelo-vermelhoKarina Buhr2


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