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Launching FRIDA’s 5th call for proposals

Source: Frida Fund

Are you a young, feminist group from the Global South? Are you working towards creating a more gender-just world? We would love to support your feminist journey. Apply for FRIDA funds today!


Here are five reasons why you should apply for FRIDA funds:

  1. Flexibility: FRIDA grants are flexible – they can be used for your activities, projects, and programs AND cover your core operating costs like space rental, office supplies, and salaries. FRIDA recognizes the value of general support and encourages groups to prioritize resources according to their own needs.
  2. Resources: FRIDA makes grants of up to $4,000 USD that can be used over a period of 12 months and eligible for renewal. FRIDA also recognizes the value of support and provides ample of opportunities to network, connect, learn from each other’s way of activism to create co-learning opportunities.
  3. Inclusivity: FRIDA strives to reach grassroots, underfunded communities and collectives. You can apply for grants in any ONE of the following 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian or Mandarin.
  4. Diversity: FRIDA supports young feminist initiatives on a range of issues: sex workers rights, sexual health and reproductive rights, climate justice, disability rights, ending sexual violence, reclaiming public spaces, LGBTQI rights, girls’ rights and more. To learn more about the diverse range of issues that FRIDA’s grantee partners are working on, click here.
  5. Action: FRIDA is committed to engaging young feminist-led groups in the grant-making and decision process. We view this as an empowering process that provides participants with greater accountability and investment in our shared work. We are the only youth-led fund that has a participatory grantmaking model which ensures young feminist activists who apply for grants decide together who will receive funding. FRIDA is the first to apply this model in a global context.

What are you waiting for? FRIDA’s 5th call for proposals is open until November 10, 2016. Make sure you send us your applications by then! Don’t forget to check out the eligibility criteria and some commonly asked questions about FRIDA funds on our website.

We can’t wait to learn more about the creative ways you are advancing the young feminist movement!

Much love,

All of us at Team FRIDA
P.S. FRIDA is able to support awesome young feminist groups because of the constant and consistent support of committed and passionate individuals and organizations who believe in us. Consider giving to the young feminist movement by giving to FRIDA! Learn more about FRIDA’s journey of strengthening #youngfems in the last five years by watching this short video.

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