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Feminist Alert! Nicaragua’s activists are once again victims

As SPW has been reporting monthly on how the Nicaraguan crisis develops, we report another sad event that targets feminist activists on 23 November.

Activities organized by the Colectivo de Mujeres and Radio Vos in Matagalpa (Nicaragua) started under the siege, harassed by the Sandinista and anti-riot police. The military operation targeted the carnival “We want to live without violence”, a traditional event to mark the month to face up to gender-based violence against women since 1992.

“They (police) demand to see the permit for the carnival that is being carried out today since 8 am”, declared one of the members of the civic activity to the Ecological Bulletin portal.

The surroundings of these facilities remain besieged by the police, the most repressive institution of the protests, which began on April 18. “They have not yet entered the building but they remain vigilant,” the source added.

The carnival against macho violence is historical, it has been carried out for more than 25 years in the city of Matagalpa by civil society organizations.

Image: Twitter

Source: 100 Noticias 

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