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Health and Human Rights Journal: 25th anniversary special edition (Open access)

“I am delighted to let you know that as part of our Human Rights Day celebrations, we have just published the December 2019 issue of the Health and Human Rights Journal. We have plenty of reason to celebrate this issue – it marks our 25th year of publishing since Jonathan Mann launched the Journal in 1994.”

The issue has two special sections on abortion:

  • Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa (Guest Editors: Liv Tønnessen and Irene Maffi)
  • Abortion Law Reform (Guest Editors: Marge Berer and Lesley Hoggart)

1. Special Section: Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa

EDITORIAL The limits of the law: Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa

by Irene Maffi, Liv Tønnessen  HTML | PDF

The politicization of abortion and Hippocratic disobedience in Islamist Sudan

by Liv Tønnessen, Samia al-Nagar  HTML | PDF

Moral work and the construction of abortion networks: women’s access to safe abortion in Lebanon

by Zeina Fathallah  HTML | PDF

Non-marital pregnancies and unmarried women’s search for illegal abortion in Morocco

by Irene Capelli  HTML | PDF

The unique landscape of abortion law and access in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

by Sarrah Shahawy  HTML | PDF

Neoliberal health restructuring, neoconservatism and the limits of law: erosion of  reproductive rights in Turkey

by Ayse Dayi  HTML | PDF

The right to abortion in Tunisia after the revolution of 2011: legal, medical, and social arrangements as seen through seven abortion stories

by Irene Maffi, Malika Affes  HTML | PDF

2. Special Section: Abortion Law Reform

EDITORIAL Progress towards decriminalization of abortion and universal access to safe abortions: national trends and strategies

by Marge Berer, Lesley Hoggart  HTML | PDF

Eliminating abortion from criminal law: a just cause

by Ana Cristina González-Vélez, Carolina Melo-Arévalo, Juliana Martínez-Londoño  HTML | PDF

The role of reproductive justice movements in challenging South Korea’s abortion ban

by Sunhye Kim, Na Young, Yurim Lee  HTML | PDF

From the grassroots to the Oireachtas: abortion law reform in the Republic of Ireland

by Anna Carnegie, Rachel Roth  HTML | PDF

Abortion in Chile: the long road to legalization and its slow implementation

by Gloria Maira, Lidia Casas, Lieta Vivaldi  HTML | PDF

Rights-based claims made by UK anti-abortion activists

by Pam Lowe, Sarah-Jane Page  HTML | PDF

Midwives and post-abortion care in Gabon: “Things have really changed”

by Aimée Patricia Ndembi Ndembi, Justine Mekuí, Gail Pheterson, Marijke Alblas  HTML PDF

They are girls, not mothers: the violence of forcing motherhood on young girls in Latin America

by Ximena Casas  HTML | PDF

The Gambia’s political transition to democracy: is abortion reform possible?
by Satang Nabaneh  HTML | PDF

Preventing state harassment of abortion providers: the work of the Legal Support Network in Latin America and East Africa

by Ximena Casas, Mitchelle Kimathi-Osiemo, Dee Redwine, Claire Tebbets, Karen Plafker  HTML | PDF

Denial of safe abortion to survivors of rape in India

by Padma Bhate-Deosthali, Sangeeta Rege  HTML | PDF

FULL ISSUE VOL 21 NO 2, December 2019

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