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SPW Archive: Sexual Politics in Pandemic Times

Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, SPW has been reporting on the events, trends and dynamics triggred by Sars-Cov-2. In order to summarize what we are since then collecting and producing and facilitate our readers’ search, we offer our special reports as well as articles especially written by SPW partners and compilations we organized. Good reading!

COVID-19 Special Editions

Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic – 2021 Retrospective

Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic: August-October 2021

Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic: January-July 2021 

One Year of COVID-19: Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic Round-Up

Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic: July to December 2020

Sexual politics in times of pandemic: contribution of guest authors

Special Edition on COVID-19 and Sexual Politics: May & June

COVID -19 and Politics in March-April 2020

Articles Written by SPW Partners

Back to where we always have been: sex/gender segregation to contain Covid-19, by Sonia Corrêa

Biopolitics & the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Feminist Perspective, by Sonia Corrêa – DAWN

COVID-19 and AIDS: parallels and lessons, by Richard Parker

Bolsonaro’s most radical supporters only believe what he tells them, by Isabela Kalil

To drink or not to drink – that is not the question: Alcohol consumption in India and South Africa in the time of COVID 19, by Debjyoti Ghosh

Science, political crisis and the lives of people, by Lorena Moraes

The Non-Essential Transphobia of Pandemic Disaster Politics, by Jacob Breslow

Bukele: A ‘caudilho’ Dies and A Messiah is Born in El Salvador, by Amaral Arévalo

Nicaragua: A Pandemic Carnival, by Humberto Meza

Brazil’s Minister of Health dismisses two civil servants for expressing support for women’s sexual and reproductive health


Tokio Olympic Games and diversity: compilation

Italy hate crime law: compilation

Cuba 2021 protests: compilation

COVID – 19 and Biopolitics: Compilation I 

COVID-19 and Biopolitics: Compilation II

COVID-19, Warehouses and Platform Workers 

COVID-19 and economic inequality

COVID-19 and indigenous people

COVID-19 reignites universal basic income debates

Optimistic outlooks in regards to COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 and differential mortality: race, ethnicity and caste

COVID-19 and Politics: De-democratization and Authoritarianism

COVID 19: Sex Workers cannot access emergency packages

Anti-gender politics during covid-19

COVID-19, good news and responses

COVID-19 and economics: Disasters, corruption, more profits

Contradictory contestations: anti-lockdown protests

COVID-19, refugees and migrants

COVID-19 and gender based violence

Anti-racism and anti-fascism protests: news and analysis



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