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UFMG becomes a target of religious conservative politics for a visiting professor call

Lara Marques, UFMG

By Marco Aurélio Máximo Prado, Professor at the Psychology Department at UFMG

In the last few weeks, the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) has been the target of attacks and inquiry from politicians and civil society who were activated by a federal congressman over an open call for a Visiting Professor position on Queer and LGBTI Studies for a period of four years.

Federal MP Corporal Junio (from Bolsonaro’s PSL) ranted on his social media about the position call and demanded a private audience with the Ministry of Education to argue that public tax money should not be used to finance such theme.

In consequence, immediately after, the university had its social media flooded with messages demanding the cancellation of the hiring process and immediate intervention from the Ministry.

The Time newspaper published today an interview with Corporal Junio, where he confirms having discussed it with the Ministry of Education, who is willing to welcome the MP’s denunciation and assess the open call. (Read in Portuguese)

This kind of attacks have become common, especially against gender and sexuality studies in the last few months, and now we see a clear threat towards the principle of university autonomy.

The first piece published on the matter and shamelessly promoted by Junio despite the evident errors and misleading arguments was used by the MP to conflagrate a large attack against UFMG. You can also find the second piece published today. (Read in Portuguese)

“In a public call to hire new professors, the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) advertises a position for experienced professional on “Gender and Sexuality / Queer Perspectives / LGBT”. Among the requirements, the candidate is expected to have experience advocating and publishing on the subject. The salary can reach USD 4,275.00 per month.”

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