Sexuality Policy Watch

July 2016 – SPW Durban Seminar: SexPolitics: Mapping Key Trends and Tensions in the Early 21st Century

On July 13-15th, Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) is organizing, in Durban, South Africa, the seminar/workshop ‘SexPolitics: Mapping Key Trends and Tensions in the Early 21st Century’. In the event – whose title evokes SexPolitics: Reports from the Frontlines, published in 2007 – thirty-five researchers and activists from all over the world will present and discuss their analyses and views on how sexuality politics landscapes have been reconfigured since 2002, when SPW was established. These analyses will cover geographic trends, both in terms of dynamics at play in diverse regions and a number of countries and specific domains of sexuality politics and related research, such as: sexual rights, including developments in relation to trans rights and gender identity, abortion, sex work and HIV and AIDS. While some outcomes of this conversation will be available quite soon, in short articles and video clips, others will comprise a new series of SPW publications planned for 2017.

Click here to check the seminar program.

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