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Prostitution through our own eyes

On September 2017, we proudly present you the project What you don’t see: prostitution through our own eyes, developed as part of the project “The impacts of sports mega-events on the sexual market of Rio de Janeiro“, coordinated by the Prostitution Policy Watch, an extension project attached to the Institute of Research and Urban and Regional Planning (IPPUR) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

The virtual photographic exhibition puts under circulation images made by people who work in different prostitutions venues throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics and Paralympics. These mega-events have taken place under the months of August and September of (1)

The title “What you don’t see”, suggested by one of the participants, is to draw attention to the diverse myriad of experiences, subjectivities and visions of those who work in the sex market as their own life’s protagonists, as people worthy of respect and rights. This is an important counterweight to the victimizing discourses which are flamed by moral manics around prostitution that circulate before and during the mega-events. Sabrina, one of the member commented: “It was really interesting because it was a project that was associated to the legalization of prostitution in Brazil, strengthening us, prostitutes, us, call-girls, by demonstrating we are not alone, it is very important, very good to know there are projects such as this in the world, I was very at ease, it was really nice”.

Check out the project website and exhibition.


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