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GAPW Policy Brief marks World AIDS Day 2015

One of the main NGOs in the country and engaged in fighting HIV / AIDS for 28 years, the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association – (ABIA)/ Global AIDS Policy Watch (GAPW) marks World AIDS Day (December 1) beginning with the publication of a GAPW Policy Brief – Prevention Literacy: Reinventing HIV Prevention for the 21st Century in both English (virtual) and Portuguese (hard copy) versions.

“At a time when the number of preventive options increases, developing a response that promotes the empowerment of people at risk of HIV infection is a major challenge for prevention in the twenty-first century. For people to make conscious choices, you must have guaranteed access to health information in order to make decisions based on what is best for each situation. Prevention literacy therefore requires awareness and empowerment for people to put knowledge into practice,” said Richard Parker, CEO of ABIA/GAPW.

The report, Prevention Literacy, has been launched virtually in this site.

Read the report here.

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