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SPW compilation of statement, letters and articles on Amnesty International’s proposal for decriminalization of sex work

In English

Global Advocates Issue a Call to Amnesty International in Open Letter – Coalition Against Traffickin in Women

ICRSE, 1100 organisations and individuals ask Amnesty International to support decriminalisation of sex work – International Comittee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe

Hollywood v. Amnesty International: The big battle over sex work – The Telegraph

Why Amnesty International Must Hold Firm in Its Support for Sex Worker – Open Society

Stay in your lane: We don’t need rich white actresses’ comments on sex work – Feministing

The Amnesty Sex Work Argument, Broken Down – Vice

NSWP Issues Statement of Support for Amnesty International and Launches Online Petition – NSWP

SANGRAM’s petition supporting Amnesty International’s proposal

Support for Amnesty International’s proposed ‘Draft Policy on Sex Work” to decriminalize sex work – Icaso

The Guardian view on Amnesty International’s call to decriminalise sex work: divisive and distracting- The Guardian

Ten Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work – Open Society

Amnesty must stand firm on support for decriminalising sex work – The Guardian

Amnesty International Considers Pushing for Decriminalization of Prostitution -New York Times

Amnesty International Wants Prostitution to Be Legal Around the World, Says It’s a Human Right – Marie Claire

Explaining our draft policy on sex work – Amnesty International

Amnesty International is about to make sex trafficking easier, worldwide – Global Post

Here’s What Amnesty International’s Sex Work Proposal Really Means – The World Post

All Women, All Rights – Sex Workers Included – The World Post

Brazilian social movements’ statement supporting Amnesty International’s proposal

Amnesty International: should sex work be decriminalized? Open Democracy 

Professors and Scholars’ letter supporting Amnesty proposal

Celebrity activists get it wrong on Amnesty International’s sex work policy- The Conversation

Beyond Amnesty: The Battle Over Sex Work Decriminalization- Truth Out

Global movement votes to adopt policy to protect human rights of sex workers – Amnesty International

Why decriminalising sex work is a good idea – The Economist

In Spanish

Amnistía Internacional: Adopten entre sus políticas la defensa de los DD.HH. de las personas que ejercemos el trabajo sexual –

Amnistía al trabajo sexual – Corresponsales Clave

Hollywood contra Amnistía Internacional – El País

Amnistía Internacional avala nuestra lucha por más derechos – RedTraSex

El movimiento global aprueba en votación la política para proteger los derechos humanos de los trabajadores y las trabajadoras sexuales – Amnistía Internacional

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