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SexPolitics Trends & Tensions in the 21st Century

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Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) launches the fourth publication of its most recent cycle of transnational analyses on sexual politics that started in 2015.

We bring to light Volume 2 of the collection SexPolitics: Trends and Tensions in the 21st Century-  Contextual Undercurrents. It comprises seven chapters chartering main trends and debates at work in sexual politics in Africa, the English-speaking Caribbean region, Europe, Latin America, post-Soviet Countries, but also China and India, respectively written by Varyanne Sika and Awino Okech, Christine Barrow, David Patternote, Gloria Careaga and Mario Pecheny, Yana Kirey-Sitnikova and  Anna Kirey, Huang Ying, Vivek Divan, respectively. The standpoints and analytical frames used in each chapter are quite distinctive. Therefore, what emerges from this exercise as a whole is a rich and remarkably insightful mosaic panel of sexual politics worldwide.

The first Working Paper titled Sex at Dusk and The Mourning After: Sexuality Policy in The United States in The Years of Obama, authored by Susana T. Fried and Cynthia Rothschild was published in May 2018. Then, in September, SexPolitics Trends & Tensions in the 21st Century: Critical Issues, a first edited volume comprising four articles was made available. In October 2018, a second Working Paper — The Catholic Church’s Legal strategies – The Re-naturalization of Law and the Religious Embedding of Citizenship, authored by Juan Marco Vaggione, was also made available.

We dearly thank all authors for so generously making this excellent outcome possible.

Good reading,

Sonia Corrêa and Richard Parker

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