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Let’s be diverse but docile: The “Revolution of joy” has arrived A few reflections on the new Argentinean government’s sexual politics

In an article written for SPW, Alejandra Sardá-Chandiramani, from Akahatá, analyzes the sexual politics scenario after the 2015 elections. In her own words:

The open question to be explored is what is the future of sexual and reproductive rights politics in the context of a neoliberal project that will necessarily imply old and new forms of social exclusion and that cannot be properly implemented without the resources to repress and silence those who will oppose it? In our opinion, in the current policy framework, there is space for charity, which might still solve urgent needs for the most marginalized. It will not empower them, however. The current political climate also allows for expressive acts (such as the photo of the Chief of Cabinet posing with a poster calling for “Zero Discrimination”) and for suitably horrified reactions to be manifested in regard to the worst abuses. But there is not room for much more than that.

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